Having sleepless nights over your thinning mane or receding hair? You aren’t the only one. At 35, about two-thirds of Singaporean men are likely to experience hair loss. The situation is even worse at 50 where about 85% of men experience hair loss. Whilst genetics plays a key role, you can still control the situation. Below are a few tips that can help you with hair loss prevention and that does not involve surgeries or lasers.

Hair Oil Massage

The first step in preventing hair loss is massaging your scalp with the right hair oil. Proper hair oil as well as scalp massage will improve blood flow to hair follicles. This will condition the scalp as well as enhance the strength of hair roots. It will also reduce the feelings of stress and promote relaxation.

Olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil, amla oil, castor oil among other hair oils can be used. Massage any of the named oils onto your scalp and hair by applying light pressure using your finger tips. This should be done at least once every week.

Limit use of hair dryers

Heat is known to always weaken hair proteins. Continuous heating and drying could to lead to fragility and brittleness that can result to hair loss that wouldn’t have occurred otherwise. Natural drying is good for your hair, so always dry it naturally as opposed to using heat. Other equipment that heats up hair like hot brushes, hot curlers and hair straighteners also has side effects. If you like using heated tools, be cautious since burnt scalps may permanently damage your hair follicles.


Eat better

For hair to grow and be healthy, it needs nutrients. If you are the type who constantly stuff pie-hole with fried food refined grains and sugar; you aren’t giving your hair the chance to get ahead. According to research, men with insulin resistance and high blood pressure are most likely to be bald. However, there are certain essential anti-balding vitamins supplements.


Hair loss has several potential causes including, mineral deficiency, diet, severe stress, medication, pollution, illness, as well as your genetics. About a third of population in Singapore suffers from hair loss. Of this third, several thousands of women are victims. Unfortunately, there isn’t guarantee that you can prevent a genetically programmed hair loss or hair loss that is caused by other factors that are not within your control. However the above tips, if adopted are able to help you with hair loss prevention effectively.