Warning signs of hair loss that need immediate treatment

Human alopecia or hair loss problem and grizzly

Hair loss is a challenge both men and women are likely to face at a certain point in their life. Hair loss maybe an indication of possible baldness or it may be a sign of thinning of hair. Although hair loss maybe natural, significant hair loss of up to 40% may be an indication of a serious problem.

The following signs of hair loss should prompt you to seek Singapore hair loss treatment:

Early warning signs in men

Thinning of the crown

Men are more prone to baldness compared to women and thinning of the crown is always the first indicator in men. The hair around the crown looks unhealthy and diminishes in quantity and with time and this is what leads to baldness.

Disappearing hair line

A disappearing front hair line is another sign of hair loss. Men are known to have a much defined front hair line and when this disappears it becomes a warning signs. This may be an indication of possible baldness or thinning of hair.

Wide gap when u part hair

This is an experiment that can be done at home while brushing your hair. If you part hair at the middle and notice that the gap is widening this is a sure indicator of hair loss. If you compare the gap several weeks apart and you notice an increasing gap, this should show you that your hair is thinning.

Men always have a defined pattern when it comes to hair loss and it is easier to identify warning signs compared to women.

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Early warning signs in women

General thinning of hair

Detecting hair loss in women might be a bit tricky because women keep their hair long. However signs of hair loss in men is shown by general thinning of hair. This is identified by decreasing hair density mostly in all parts of the scalp although much thinning is seen around the crown.

Check the hair brush

Women can identify signs of hair loss by looking at their hair brush. When you look at your hair brush and notice that much hair is left on the brush after normal brushing this is a sign of possible hair loss.

Hair loss is a challenging problem keeping in mind that hair loss is rarely reversible so the earlier it is addressed the better. If you notice signs of hair loss, visit hair loss clinic before you have to start looking for alternative ways of hair replacement like hair transplant after losing all your hair.

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