Treatment Options for Hair Loss

Many people seek hair loss treatment for cosmetic purposes. Hair loss might result from chemotherapy or naturally due to ageing. Hair loss has emotional effects, so it is advisable to look for treatment to avoid such effects. In case the hair loss is as a result of infection or other conditions, you need to treat such underlying problems. Here are some treatments available.


This treatment is available on private prescription and is available as tablets which you can take daily. It takes three to six months of continuous use to realize the results. If you stop taking the tablets, the balding recurs within half or one year.


This medication is provided in lotion form that you rub on the scalp. You need to use it for several months to see results.

Corticosteroid injections

Corticosteroids injections are effective in treating of small patches of hair loss. They can also be used to boost hair growth in other areas such as eyebrows. The solution is injected in the affected areas and works by preventing the immune system from attacking your hair follicles. The injections stimulate hair growth within a month.

Topical corticosteroids

These ointments and creams are prescribed for treating hair loss. Some of them include hydrocortisone, betamethasane and mometasone. However, you should never use them on your face.

Minoxidil lotion

This medication is applied to the affected region and can lead to hair regrowth after about three months. It can be applied for both men and women baldness, but not recommended for those below 18 years.


This is a good treatment option for total hair loss. It involves application of diphencyprone on the affected area. This is done weekly using a powerful dose of the medication each time. You might get the desired results after twelve weeks. However, you might experience allergic reactions on your skin.

Dithranol cream

Dithranol cream is applied on regular manner to the scalp before it is washed off. It has proven to be effective in the long run, but can lead to side effects such as itchiness, scaling of the skin and can cause stain to the scalp.

Ultraviolet light treatment

Hair loss can also be treated through two to three sessions of phototherapy weekly. The skin gets exposed to ultraviolet rays and takes up to one year to give the desired results. Some of the side effects include nausea, tattooing, increased risk of cancer and pigment changes.


Many people replicate their hair with a tattoo in a process referred as dermatography that has sustainable effects. However, this is an expensive procedure and is only effective in replicating short hair.

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Get affordable and effective Clinical Treatments for Hair Loss

Discovering the most effective clinical treatments for hair loss (cream, etc) can be a very difficult task. There are lots of products that claim to stop and overturn hair loss, so for someone without prior information, it can be a long and tricky process to find a successful solution, by that time your hair could have worsened further.

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