Our Detailed Hair Transplant Procedure

The hair transplant surgery we offer is simple and it is an outpatient procedure. You might have a lot of questions on hair restoration surgery and its effectiveness. We can provide you the answers of all the questions you might have and ensure you get the best results. It is good to differentiate between hair transplantation and hair replacement. Hair replacements involve the use of artificial hair to cover the bald. On the other hand, hair transplantation is a long lasting solution that does not require any maintenance afterwards. Hair transplantation helps in replacing or restoring hair or hairline that has been lost. This is how the procedure is carried out.


Hair transplantation might only take a day to be completed. It is carried out on an outpatient basis whereby you visit our facility and leave the same day with the desired results.

Follicular units preparation

After the removal of the donor tissue, our expert will start the preparation of the follicular units for replacements. During this moment, you are free to relax and pass time as you would like. You have the freedom to do whatever you want as our clinical experts prepare the follicular units to start the next stage of the procedure. Our highly trained professionals will divide the donor strips into their units. Each of the units has a certain number of follicles.

Creation of recipient sites and placement of the units

After the follicles are divided, the transplantation procedure can now begin, however, local anesthesia administered. Our physician makes small incisions on the scalp one for each of the units that will be placed. Great attention to the angle, location and depth of each of the follicular unit is vital in order to have a natural looking hairline and best results. To get natural results, both artistic sensitivity and clinical professionalism is vital.

Post procedure

After all the follicular units are placed, our physician will carry out inspection of the grafts to make sure they are placed well. When the entire restoration procedure is finished, our team will give you oral and written post operation guidelines. This includes the guidelines to how to take care of the sites, right drugs for sleep and all the issues that might arises. In addition, you are advised on alternative medicine to take after the hair transplant procedure. You are supposed to sleep with your head lifted with pillows for the first nights after undergoing the procedure.

Hair Loss Procedure In Singapore

There are a number of surgeries that are carried out by the practitioners and one of them is the hair surgery. This is a procedure that involves the removal of hair from an area with more hair and placing it where there is no hair. Here is a look at the surgical procedure for hair loss and what it entails.

The procedure

This process is also known as hair transplant and it is the only permanent method of fixing hair in an area that has had a hair loss. This is most commonly on the forehead or the tip of the head. The hair loss treatment is mostly offered to men and it helps to solve the bald cases.

Types of the Hair loss treatments

With the advanced technology, there are different types of Singapore hair loss treatment. Here is a look of the common hair loss surgeries;


This procedure entails about three to four hairs. It will be used to provide more density. It will start from behind the new hairline and ends at the crown of that area.

Micro graft

This one will entail around a single and three hairs. This procedure is also known as Follicular Unit hair graft. It is also used to recreate the hairline at the front. They are used to copy the natural growth of hair. The follicular unit is when two or more hairs are put together and grown in the same place.

Maxi graft

Another type of hair grafting carried out in a hair loss Singapore company is the maxi graft. This procedure entails about four to six hair strands. This procedure is used for the density in the back of the crown area that is included with some mini grafts.

Before the procedure, the doctor will need to know about the condition of the patient. This is because most of the procedure will entail a surgery. The surgery might have some aftermath effects, which can be uncomfortable to the patient. For that reason, one must be keen to understand the possible risks that can be involved in the process.

The procedure four and eight hours and it may also involve some pain. The recovery will also take a while, but all in all, the hair will grow naturally. The number of grafts used will depend on the area with less hair. A single procedure can take between 1,500 and 3,000 grafts. There are many hair loss treatment specialists in Singapore, which you should be keen when choosing one.