Understanding Common Hair Loss in Men

Male androgenic alopecia also known as male baldness pattern is a common that affects most men as age advances. Research has attributed male baldness pattern to genetic factors thus the name androgenetic and also specific male hormones androgens, thus the name androgenic. Males with a genetic history of baldness and those with high production of androgens are more prone to baldness than the rest. There is no determined age of male bald pattern keeping in mind that signs may start as early as twenties or as late as fifties. It only depends on a specific individual.


Possible solution to male androgenic alopecia

There is still hope in countering male baldness and regaining back youthful appearance. There are different solution available based on personal preference, severity, cost and recommendation by hair specialist.

Some possible solutions to male baldness include:

Hair replacement surgery

This is used in severe cases of baldness. It involves uprooting hair deep from the roots and transplanting it in areas that have been affected by baldness. This hair is carefully donated from areas of the scalp that still have hair like the back of the head or sides. This procedure is used as a last resort in cases where other possible solutions have failed.

Scalp tattooing

This is becoming a common solution to baldness and more people are trying it. This involved micro pigmentation of the scalp to make it look like a shaven scalp. This is also used to camouflage scars that might have occurred as an aftermath of baldness.

Cosmetic treatment

There are various cosmetic treatments and solution that may work to treat baldness or offer a temporary solution. Specific shampoos like ketoconazole have been reported to help in concurring baldness. Creams can also serve as a solution to baldness and there are several available in the market. There are also specific hair styles that can be used to conceal baldness, a hair stylist can be very helpful in helping you style your hair. Hair additions and wigs are becoming very common lately although, most men may not prefer this as a solution to conceal baldness.

Male baldness is likely to cause negative effects on one’s personality more than you can imagine. For instance, baldness can affect self-esteem and self-worth on the persons affected. This is because culture has also associated baldness with old age and unattractiveness. Baldness can affect social life causing people to withdrawing and thus stress and even depression in severe cases. Understanding male baldness patterns and management is the first step towards concurring this problem.

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