Hereditary Hair Loss in Men

Hair on scalp are most important feature of facial appearance of an individual and are considered part of personality.

There is high percentage of cases where men start losing hair faster than these are recouped by body. This will result in thinning of hair and receding hair line and in worst scenario only a band around scalp is left. This is when observed in family down the generations is termed as hereditary hair loss. This pattern of hereditary hair loss was considered to come from mother lineage, however the pattern of receding hairline can be linked to both mother and father side.

Man controls hair loss

Causes of Hair Loss


The gene which causes hair loss in men can be inherited from either mother or father. .Androgens is the hormone which causes hair loss and is called Androgenetic Alopecia.

In Androgenetic Alopecia, hair follicles which produces healthy hair, start producing thinner, shorter and brittle hair with weaker shafts, the process known as miniaturisation and hair are called miniaturised hair. Finally it may stop producing any hair.


Testosterone a male hormone is converted to DHT by enzyme 5 – alpha reductase, when present in higher concentration, in accelerates balding of scalp. This male sexual hormone, when gets converted into DHT becomes main cause of baldness in men.


Certain amount of hair loss occurs in every one and it is regularly being restored. The hereditary balding age will depend when rate of hair loss is accelerated. There is variation in hair loss at different time.


The hair loss treatments are available in Singapore and there is specialist available to treat in hair loss clinic Singapore. Both medical therapy and transplant process are available for hair loss treatment in Singapore.

Minioxidil is a topical medicine applied to scalp. It can slow the rate of hair loss and in some cases can improve growth of hair follicles. It takes four months to one year to show results and hair fall increases on stopping its application.

Finasteride is an oral medicine which is effective in slowing hair loss in some men. Hair loss will recur on stopping the medicine,

Since hereditary hair loss affects men personality, there are several hair loss clinics in Singapore, which are providing best Singapore hair loss treatment by hair transplant technique.

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