Mediterranean Hair Loss

Mediterranean hair loss simply entails the recession of frontal hairline; this leads to vertex baldness (crown baldness).The Mediterranean Hair Loss Men is most common amongst middle-aged men. As men advance in age, their body functions begin to wear away, the hair cells also weaken. The hair follicles shrink and hair vessels become thinner and lighter. Sooner rather than later, hair found on the crown area begins falling out. This unfortunately leads to a balding formation right on the head.

These men on most occasions get bald right at the vertex i.e. on the head’s top. This is caused by vicious attacks from white blood cells to the rapid growing cells found in the follicles of the hair. The hair follicles that have been affected become tinnier and eventually slow down the production of the hair. Stress and heredity are other common factors that contribute to hair loss.

circular hair loss at the back of the head and receding hairline at the front

Causes of Mediterranean hair loss

New hair strands only grow on follicles that are healthy. Anytime the follicles become inactive, they do not have the capability of producing new hair and when the blood circulation is insufficient, there is greater hair loss

Mediterranean hair loss problem has never been a simple matter; a man may lose up to 50% of hair on the head. On most occasions, this extent of hair loss is caused by lifestyles that are unhealthy like eating imbalanced diets, excessive drinking and heavy smoking. These unhealthy lifestyles take nutrients that are insufficient to both the scalp and the hair. It’s no surprise that this type of hair condition is also attributed to heredity.

The remedy to Mediterranean hair loss

If you have the intention of fixing this problem yourself without proper knowledge, you are in for a rude shock. You may take unnecessary measures with ignorance leading to a bigger problem; you might do yourself more harm than good. It’s advisable to seek consultations from a professional or visit hair loss clinic Singapore in order to solve this type of problem. Anytime you notice the early signs of this frightening condition, seek professional advice immediately or get the best hair loss treatment in Singapore. Do not make this problem a permanent one when there is a chance to remedy the situation.

Men who have the intention of avoiding the Mediterranean and regaining their confidence should get hold of this problem by immediately taking action. To avoid further damages treatment must be done promptly otherwise the hair follicles may shrink and get damaged permanently. Make your hair healthy and shinny once more!

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