Premature Hair Loss- For the Best Hair Loss Treatment in Singapore

Premature hair loss is defined as a genetically inherited form of balding that expresses itself in early twenties. Although genetics or hereditary genes play a vital role in this annoying hair condition, but there are several external factors that can trigger the condition.

Man controls hair loss
Premature Hair fall can be a frustrating condition for both men and women. The condition mainly affects individuals in their early twenties. There are many external as well as internal factors that may lead to premature hair loss. Most of these factors are lifestyle related and can be easily modified to stop hair fall at an early age.
Before you find a reliable hair loss treatment Singapore, it is important to discuss premature hair loss causes.

Genes– Genetics accounts for more than half of the cases of early-onset hair fall. Premature baldness is a form of patterned hair loss, which affects the growth cycle (anagen phase) of hair. The process is characterized by loss of melanin pigment, thinning and falling of hair. Although genetics form a predisposition to premature hairloss, it is triggered by several environmental factors mentioned below.

Lack of nutrition-Most of us know that our skin and hair reflect what we are putting in our body. Fast food culture has become an integral part of today’s diet, and this is especially seen in young boys and girls. These processed foods are readily available, and are quite popular among young people. However, these foods are deprived of nutrients and are highly loaded with salt, sugar and calories. Lack of good nutrition affects the healthy growth of hair follicles in young people, and the result is thinning and falling of hair.

Smoking-Smoking has become an alarming issue among teens. It has been found that those who smoke at an early age are at higher risk of getting premature hair loss problem. The carbon monooxide in smoke affects the oxygen and nutrient carrying capacity of the blood, thus impairing healthy growth of hair shaft. Moreover, nicotine is known to reduce hair growth.

Lack of proper sleep-Most of the young people are under stress of studies or new job. This affects their sleep directly, as well as adequate hair growth. Lack of good quality sleep affects the production of growth hormone in the body, which in turn has an impact on hair growth.

Stress-One of the major causes of premature hair loss is stress. The competetion in Singapore’s job market has increased markedly, and the pressure on today’s young people to excel in everything is taking a toll on their health. Stress or trauma increase the production of testosterone levels in the body, which converts to DHT (dihydro testosterone), and interrupts the hair growth cycle.

Finding the best hair loss treatment Singapore is not an easy task. Do your diligent research and homework to find the one that offers excellent results.