Post-Natal Hair Loss in Women: Causes and Solutions

What is Post-Natal Hair Loss in Women? Post-Natal Hair Loss is a hair loss condition that happens in a woman after her pregnancy due to hormonal changes. Research has shown that women tend to lose 10 percent of hair after pregnancy while others it can go as high as 15 percent. Unless a women take necessary measures, this can be a huge problem for her especially when she does not know the measures to take when treating the condition.

What causes Post-Natal Hair Loss in Women?Haarausfall

Post-Natal Hair Loss in Women is mainly caused by hormonal changes in the body during and after pregnancy. However, after pregnancy, a woman should take a postpartum thyroiditis to determine whether it is the cause of hair loss. When you detect the problem early, you can always come up with a solution for it.

How to avoid Post-Natal Hair Loss in Women?

Here are some of the things that you should do to avoid Post-Natal Hair Loss:

· Ask your doctor to perform a blood test as a way of ruling out any underlying cause like postpartum thyroiditis that might cause of hair loss

· Eat more fruit and vegetables since they have flavonoids and antioxidants that can promote hair growth.

· Make sure you take prenatal vitamins when breastfeeding your baby

· Try to relax by avoiding stress since it is a leading hair loss cause. Make sure you stay happy at all the times when you need to improve your health.

· Ensure you drink plenty of water, about 6 to 8 glasses of water per day to hydrated your body.

· Add proteins foods such as red meat, beans and nuts to your diet.

· You can also supplementing your diet using these supplements Vitamin B complex, Biotin, Vitamin C, Zinc and Vitamin E

How do you hire experienced hairdressers when you need to avoid hair loss?

The experience of the hairdressers offering hair loss treatment solutions should be a concern for you whenever you need the best in Singapore. Personal research on the cost of hair loss treatment in Singapore will enable you make an informed choice when selecting a hairdresser that will provide you the services. When you do compare the prices, you should be able to make a choice on where you would save money when seeking the best hair loss treatment.

In conclusion, the above information will help you understand what causes Post-Natal Hair Loss in Women, how to avoid and ways of making sure that you hire a good hairdresser to avoid hair loss.

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